High Value Wordpress Hosting and Maintenance 

Achieve a happy Wordpress site with our managed Wordpress service. Hosting, security, speed and stability all included.

Base features

  • Placing your website onto a London based shared server, for better site delivery speed (or elsewhere if required)
  • Daily backups within the server, and secondary daily backups to an offsite location
  • Server monitoring and updates for security and performance

Added value features

  • Daily site security scanning, identifies any security risks
  • Performance tuning during development, to deliveryoura site to all browsers quickly
  • Intelligent image optimisation for improved site performance
  • Image serving via a dedicated delivery network for site delivery speed
  • A monthly maintenance report showing site updates, uptime and security status
  • Updates to the core Wordpress platform plus all plugins as needed, at a minimum of once per week
  • 24 hour uptime monitoring, with resolution to any events during waking hours

Free tools

  • A free license for ThemeCo Pro (https://theme.co/pro) – an advanced drag-and-drop Wordpress page building tool, if you need it
  • An SSL site certificate for life (without which your browser will warn visitors of a security threat)
  • Site page caching to maximise site delivery speed
  • Media library management and organisation tool – organise your content (documents and images) in meaningful folders
  • A site visitor statistics plugin showing the number of people and pages visited each day
  • ‘favicon’ generator for the tiny icon shown in browsers for your website, for all platforms (desktop and mobile)
  • Development site cloning for making and testing changes without affecting your live site
  • Form builder with email integration
  • Setup of your site in Google Search Console (to monitor site indexing and search performance) and Google Analytics (for site activity tracking and analysis). Integration of both these into your website
  • Integrated content optimisation tools to achieve maximum search performance. (This doesn’t constitute the same thing as an SEO project but does make the best of each piece of content you publish)


A standard level of service with all the features you need. Website security is provided using a 30 day delayed threat database.


Integrated website security defences against most forms of hacking and intrusion

Google reCAPTCHA integration for forms to protect against spammers

Two factor authentication for admin accounts

Site hacks resolved using an expert service. £400 additional payment once per year if required



Same as the Basic plan but with a real-time threat database, protecting your site from new threats immediately.


Everything in the “Basic” plan plus...

Firewall rules and threat database updated in real-time

IP blocklist to prevent attacks from known malicious IP addresses

Detect and block the latest malware

Site hacks resolved using an expert service. £400 additional payment once per year if required



Same as the Basic plan but integrating the Sucuri service into your site which protects you before the bad guys even reach your site.


Everything in “Professional” plus...

Guaranteed support and uptime SLAs

SSO, Audit logs and Static webhook IPs

100% White-label platform

Use your your own AWS/GCP bucket