Crockford House

1. Kitchen Project

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  • Here is our Excel spreadsheet itemising the kitchen cabinet components Download here

1.1 Building Works

  1. Remove wall between larder and utility room (RSJ required I assume)
  2. Replace the existing door to the larder with a wall
  3. Fit a wall mounted extractor fan above the cooker – with duct to outside

1.2 Plumbing

  1. Remove existing boiler
  2. Fit Grant VTX26 Combi boiler in the Utility room
  3. Fit the kitchen sink
  4. Reposition the downstairs loo to face the door and not the wall (90 degree rotation)
  5. Fit two pipe system with existing Rads
  6. Fit three new rads,
    • Kitchen wall
    • Utility room wall
    • Bedroom above Kitchen wall
  7. Fit TRVs to the various large bore radiators in the bedrooms and living rooms

1.3 Carpentry

  1. Review kitchen design with us, finalise order
  2. Fit the cabinets and worktops
  3. Fit a worktop in enlarged utility room

1.4 Wiring

  1. Rewire house
  2. Spot lights in kitchen
  3. Cabinet lights in kitchen
  4. Sockets
  5. Fusebox
  6. Extractor unit

1.5 Tiling

  • Tile floor and utility room

2. Bathroom Project


Here is a full resolution PDF diagram of the bathroom project: download here

2.1 Building

  1. Remove existing stud wall to the toilet (merging the two spaces)
  2. Remove existing shower tray / walls / plumbing
  3. Remove existing airing cupboard
  4. Relocate waster water outlet lower down to avoid the need for an outlet pump
  5. Wall tiling
  6. Floor tiling / Underfloor heating
  7. Extractor fan into wall
  8. Level the bathroom floor

2.2 Carpentry

  1. Build new walls and airing cupboard
  2. Fit new vanity unit (already purchased)

2.3 Plumbing

  1. Fit shower unit, fixtures
  2. Fit sink
  3. Fit heated towel rail (combo water and electric unit)
  4. Relocate waste water outlet below floor level to enable removal of the existing outlet water pump
  5. Airing cupboard to have hot pipe coil in the bottom, but no tank due to Combi boiler

2.4 Wiring

  1. Underfloor heating
  2. Extractor fan

2.5 Tiling

  • Tile floor and walls

3. Other Works

  1. Fix leak into kitchen roof (removal of the boiler will allow the flue to be removed and the roof to be sealed over)
  2. Investigate damp in the living room wall
  3. Investigate damp in bedroom 2 above the sink
  4. Remove moss from roofs
  5. Fix leaking waste pipe along kitchen wall
  6. Fix flashing breaks
  7. Repair guttering, replace cast iron pieces
  8. Replace lintel to bathroom window
  9. Remove vegetation from the hidden roof valley
  10. Fix rusting wall corner
  11. Repair render around replaced windows
  12. Remove the exterior pink paint

4. Contact

  • Current: Quantock Lea Barn, West Bagborough, TA4 3EF
    • Phone: 01823 431798
  • Future: Crockford House, Wootton Courtenay, TA24 8RE
    • Phone: 01623 841486

Bill Hodgson

Marion Jay