Fuji XT-1 and Missing Memory Card

I like owning my Fuji camera, but I didn’t like it so much when it took half an hour to realise I was shooting with no memory card.

The stupid device puts a short warning on the screen upon startup which disappears within 2 seconds. After that you can appear to be shooting, with an odd review screen after each shot. I was so busy shooting I didn’t press the Play button to chimp at the shots, which would have alerted me.

Apparently the next model XT-2 had a firmware update which more concretely locks the camera from shooting when the memory card is missing.

Even my 7 year old Nikon D7000 got this right. Why on earth didn’t the Fuji programmers make this a no-brainer UI feature with a permanent big warning on the screen?  There’s a setting in the camera to prevent shooting without a lens, explicitly.

Not happy at Fuji at all here.

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