Outlook 2014 on the Mac and Importing Contacts

Image you need to get contacts from the Mac (in vCard format) into a new MS Exchange account, on the face of it this isn’t easy. But, so you know, it’s actually straightforward. Don’t look at the File->Import option, do this:

  • Export your contacts from your Mac address book into .vcf format – it will make one big file with them all in
  • Open Outlook 2014 for Mac
  • Click on the Contacts tab
  • Drag and drop the file above onto the Contacts list
  • You should see a green + sign, Outlook should then import the contacts

This worked well for me, to take contacts from an old MS Exchange account into the new one.

For reference, I used the Mac address book to export the contacts from the old Exchange account to a .vcf file first. There are few clues on-line that the drag and drop technique above will work, let alone from Microsoft or Apple.

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